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Who We Are

City Theater Company (CTC) is Delaware’s Off-Broadway experience, engaging audiences with intimate and immersive theater experiences of new, contemporary, and classic works.

CTC is especially supportive of original work by regional playwrights as well as a provider of a welcoming, collaborative stage for emerging and established artists of all genres (theater, music, visual arts), backgrounds, and experiences.


Fearless Improv is the organization’s traveling comedy improv team, performing throughout the state, and hosting improv education classes for school-age students and adults.


Founded in 1993, CTC and Fearless Improv perform in and around Greater Wilmington, embracing both traditional and non-traditional theatrical spaces.


The mission of City Theater Company is to create a body of work for the stage that is consistently high-quality, provocative and new; a body of work that takes risks and breaks barriers in order to engage new theater audiences in an exciting exchange of ideas, images and energies.


City Theater Company’s artistic vision is to evolve into a Delaware-based professional theater company recognized nationally as a premiere producer of exciting works for the stage, and as a major voice in the direction American theater should take in the 21st Century.


City Theater Company is committed to ridding the planet of complacency, redundancy, indifference and fear — therefore clearing the way for fun, electricity, cool art, and some major chutzpah. We seek out what makes us most afraid and then attack it with an odd, supernatural fury. We breathe in and out in time with our audience, and the resulting electrical charge produces theatrical shock waves that demand attention. The folks here believe that theater should be filled with big energy, big ideas, big fun, and other big stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. Meanwhile, we burn bridges and bite bullets. We pound the pavement, shoot the moon, damn the torpedoes, and laugh ’til it hurts.

We do stuff that rocks, and we have a hell of a time!

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